About Kerry Mealey-Holmes (Ginew Waaseyaa)

Black and white photo of Kerry Mealey-Holmes smiling at the camera. Around the image are pink lines bordering the square image.

Finding light in life’s travels is one of Kerry’s missions. When she received her Indigenous name, Ginew Waaseyaa or Eagle’s Light, it confirmed this personal journey.

As a curious learner, Kerry has the flexibility to take conversations and turn them into meaningful learning opportunities. In her work for over a decade as a corporate trainer, speaker, and facilitator, she shines light on awareness around topics such as effective communication, building trust, as well as social and emotional intelligence. She is also a Civility instructor receiving her certification through Civility Experts Worldwide.

She has been leading yoga classes for over 16 years and has more than 300 hours of certification which includes trauma sensitive yoga. “Be grateful for the body you have, nurture it, love it. It is an amazing gift.”

A former bassoonist, Kerry loves to explore! You will also find her swim-tripping or paddling across a lake.

Radiate Joy and Positivity

Settle into your body and unlock the power of positivity in this chair yoga session!

“Give love, gather love” is one of Kerry’s mantras. In addition to workplace training, she believes that yoga is for everybody and every BODY. Whether sharing a challenging flow, spending time in stillness, or having fun with kids on the mat, Kerry’s warm and inviting method of teaching puts you at ease. She offers many options so that the pose fits your body and encourages yogis to truly listen to their “inner yogi ninja.” She is excited to share her love for yoga, meditation, and musings with you!

“As my Aunt Candy would say “Sometimes you gotta pack your own sunshine.”